Spring is here!

With spring just around the corner, it was high time to get things started in the garden. We haven’t yet decided how we want to organize the garden, so Jody found plans for a vertical herb garden online. Had to adapt the US plans to fit Kiwi supplies and simplified the design in the process.
Here are the raw materials:


Had get my hand saw out to get the angles for the A-frame sorted (thankfully, I got most of the wood pre-cut when we purchased it!). It’s been a while that I had blisters like that…


Once all the wood was in the right shape and all the holes drilled, we could start assembling it:


After adding the boards and the polythene wrapping, we could move it into its final location (man, that bastard is heavy!):


And here it is, filled with compost and (some) plants:


Was good fun! 🙂