Back in Aussie


After 10 years, I’m once again in Aussie. This time in Melbourne rather than Cairns and with my wife. Visiting friends is much more fun than going to a conference. 🙂
However, at this time of year, Cairns would have been the better alternative, I’d say. The weather was too much like Hamilton: rainy, windy and cold…
But either way, good fun. Especially the open range zoo in Werribee. Was a nice, warm day for a change and simply awesome driving around in a safari bus, seeing rhinos, zebras, giraffes and ostriches up close. Loved it! 🙂
Melbourne is a wee bit bigger than Hamiltron, driving anywhere takes even longer. The size also explains why they can build malls around existing historical buildings like the one above. That was for once a mall that felt more welcoming.
Oh, and driving a zippy little Audi A1 around town was good fun, too. 🙂