Cookie time

Yes, it’s this time of year again. Retail shops are killing you with cheesy Xmas songs playing in the background, everybody is getting stressed out about relaxing over the holidays and work is squeezing in extra just because it can. In the usual omg I’m too late! spirit, I did some baking. According to tradition, Vanillekipferl and Pfefferkuchen. Though the latter ones this time with a new recipe from my mum. According to her, they’ll be much softer than the usual jawbreakers! 🙂 For the first time, I also used actual cookie cutters, not just my usual assortment of glasses. Premiering my Ampelmaennchen cutters that I purchased in Leizpig earlier this year when I was presenting at IEMSS2012. Apart from forgetting the vanilla essence in the Kipferl and the Pfefferkuchen being really soft, it all went well. 🙂