The next stage completed

During the week, we managed to put all the remaining boards on that make up the sides of the vegebox.
Thanks to the weather forecast looking good, I bought some more wood on Saturday to continue with the next stage of the box: the netting frame. Why that? Well, this box will house our beloved strawberries (and grapes) and we don’t really feel like sharing them with the birdies. Before I went to the timber place to buy wood, I also ordered 3m^3 of topsoil to be delivered on Sunday, to fill up the box and some other wooden planters. I figured we needed at least 1.5m^3 for the box alone.
Sunday came around and I started digging holes again for the netting poles, six altogether. Just after I’d finished the poles after too many hours, the topsoil arrived (and dumped on our parking space) and we started hauling the dirt with buckets. Yes, we don’t have a wheelbarrow. But our friendly neighbor lent us his old wheelbarrow, which made the whole thing heaps easier.

BTW as a thankyou for the wheelbarrow, we gave our neighbor some fresh silver beet out of our garden. And we received some freshly caught Gurnard??? Oh well, can’t complain. 🙂