MSI Wind U100 – Take two

Some time ago, I upgraded my Ubuntu 9.04 on my MSI Wind U100 work netbook to 9.10. Man, what a mistake:

  • USB stopped working
    Once you unplugged the mouse that was plugged in during booting the netbook, it was gone. You had to restart the computer to get it back.
  • hibernate no longer worked
    Well, that sucks major if you have to wait for a slow netbook’s harddrive to completely boot the OS. hibernate makes a huge difference and is sorely missed…

In the end, I decided to drop 9.10 completely and start all over again with 9.04, the seemingly more stable version. But since it’s computers that we’re talking about, it’s never that simple. I knew already, that I had to update my wireless card’s driver. But why the hell it didn’t work this time, I have no clue. Anyhow, after lots of unsuccessful attempts, I finally resorted to the good and old ndis voodoo (and blacklisting the rt2860sta staging driver in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf). And lo! it worked! 🙂