The Eurovision Song Contest has been around for a while now (for more than 50 years!!) and it still doesn’t get any less embarrassing: 20th out of 25 participants.

Congratulations, Germany! Once again, you’ve done it!

Well, looks like sex doesn’t always sell (or maybe not anymore??). Especially not, if your stripper loses against a Norwegian fiddle boy. OK, it wasn’t just a stripper, but Oscar Loya‘s sliver pants in combination with the stripper. Reading the article in sueddeutsche.de would be highly enjoyable (translated by Google), without the catch, that it was our song that sucked major.

I really wonder, whether people had their German flags hanging out of the windows and on their cars this time, just like in 2006. I highly doubt it. Singing isn’t soccer. Looks like we’re not proud of everything we’re doing.