KeplerWeka on

Yay, finally! After applying for a project on on Thursday night last week, I got it approved and started migrating all the downloads, news and also the subversion repository. It took me quite a while setting things up on, but at least everything’s there now and I can start using that new repository. 🙂

I must say, has added a lot of value to its projects: they’re offering now trac, wordpress blogs, mediawiki, git, bazaar, etc. for each project (see here for full list). And one can easily enable/disable features. Quite funky! As usual, the documentation is lagging behind, but at least they offer now useful tools besides the bare hosting of the downloads. The only snag that I hit, was that trac wasn’t properly synchronized anymore after importing my svn dump file and I had to open a trouble ticket to get that sorted out. But, all considered, a happy project admin now! 🙂