Now, that was quite an interesting evening…

First, attending the End of Year Gala Concert at the Academy of Performing Arts here at uni and then going to a farewell party of a friend of Jody.

The concert, even though I don’t really like modern composers, was once again superb! Incredibly talented students showing off what they can do with their instruments. Sometimes I wished for less speed and less technical perfection and for a bit more heart and soul (modern Jazz quite often sounds soul-less as well!). But nonetheless, I really enjoyed the performance, with no time for clapping in between the various pieces: the performers didn’t only play on stage (which you’d normally expect!), no, they were through out the music hall and with the spotlight on them as soon as they started playing, the previous ones fading into darkness again. Was quite cool, hearing them from all different kind of directions. Though I still pity those guys having to perform behind the audience: nobody could really see them.

The party was a slight contrast: lots of drunken people, one slightly comatose girl, throwing up over a bowl (was kind of the main attraction that night), pop music blaring out of a badly equalized ghetto blaster with lots of people singing along. Oh, and it was outside. Of course, how could it be otherwise, it was once again a crisp night. Jody and I only stayed long enough to freeze our butts off. Man, a warm bed never seemed so attractive to me! 😉