Made it!!

Yes, after too many days of little sleep and too much work, I finally managed to get the next release of my project BenchMarking Via Weka out of the door!! People familiar with Linux version numbering, might frown upon the 0.0.2 that I’ve reached with this release, but hey!, you have to start somewhere. And I can’t deny that it is still very much in an early development stage and that there are enough bugs lurking in the dark, waiting to be discovered by users (if there’ll be any).

And it was also just in time for the workshop on open-source software in machine learning for NIPS 2008. The organizers of that workshop had a different approach this year: instead of abstract submissions, one had to publish their project on and tag it with nips2008. Apparently, they’re just grabbing all the projects tagged like this and decide on the descriptions (or maybe they even evaluate them in detail??) what projects are worth to be presented at this workshop. I’ve tagged my project already this morning (well, one minute before noon). But just now when I wanted to check out how many people might have already viewed it, I’ve noticed that the website is currently down… Ouch, for all those still trying to publish their projects their… 🙁