O-week concert

Oh, and another thing… Went to the (for students free) concert up at uni on Friday night. They even had an R18 (I always forget that the kids here start studying with 17!) section where you could get alcohol.

The following bands were playing that night:

  • King Kapisi – well, hip hop is not really my style, but it was OK for warming up the crowd and getting into the mood. For most people this meant boozing (they had some yukky Smirnoff Ice with Guarana as well)!!
  • Supergroove – they’re playing kind of Ska mixed with metal. Before I went to the concert, the only song that I knew was Can’t Get Enough – from various visits of local bars. Pretty good musicians and good music, actually! Really enjoyed that! 🙂 Unfortunately, the power supply wasn’t very reliable. In one song, there were 3 (!) power outages and when the next song had another outage, they left the stage…